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Program Details

Why is this golf program different from others?

This golf program differs from all others because it is the only golf performance system that utilizes the combined background of board certified sports medicine physicians, licensed physical therapists and golf professionals.

How does this program work?

Once referred by a golf professional or once one realizes they need assistance with golf because of physical or cognitive limitations, the golfer would be given a comprehensive physical exam by board certified sports medicine physicians. This evaluation would consist of complete physical exam inclusive of pulmonary, cardiac and structural exams.

If physical deficits were defined, you would then be introduced to a physical therapist. At this point, the physical therapist would assess muscle imbalances, joint dysfunction and balance deficits. You would work with the physical therapist utilizing manual techniques, neuro-muscular re-education and exercise to correct the deficits that effect overall golf performance. Re-evaluation by the golf pro would then set the golfer on pace to increase overall golf performance by addressing the swing with improved physical performance obtained with the physicians and physical therapists.

Why is golf fitness necessary?
  1. Disclosure of physical problems affecting golf performance
  2. Decrease injury
  3. Lower score
  4. Increase distance and accuracy

Does my insurance cover this program?
No. This is a fee for services program, payable through each professional's individual office.